Goals established at last conference -Sept 2018

This list is not in order of priority. We simply had a brainstorming session and this is the order in which the issues were written down.

  1. Support the Sheriff’s Association and make sure PBAI’s rights are protected in their bail enforcement bill.
  2. We would like to change the law to allow or require electronic notifications it would save the county money from paper and postage and we would receive them quicker. Does the clerks association have a lobbyist?
  3. Law or rule that says that if a surety requests a warrant to be extraditable the judge and sheriff shall list it extraditable, the law already requires the surety to pay for the extradition.
  4. We are being stopped from filling our own motions in cases that simply ask the courts to fix errors that they may have made.
  5. In Ada County, we are facing a problem of people who fail to appear and the court issues a cite and release warrant. Surety companies are liable until the make a court appearance but when they fail to appear on the citation the court holds the surety company liable from the date of the first fail to appear. The surety can bring them in three times within the 180 days and still be ordered to pay the forfeiture.

Have concerns not listed? Please let us know in the commits.